1 of something Bemis rose

One of something:  It is hard to find a “one of a kind” sort of thing in today’s world of mass production.  This stained glass, however, is just that.  Created for me by a dear friend when I was dating my husband, it stands as a reminder of how goofy in love I was the minute I laid eyes on him.  My friend was astonished at my newly acquired giggle when I spoke of my budding romance.  Not one to have my head turned by flattery or grand romantic gestures, when the roses became part of every date; I was silly as a schoolgirl.  My friend, Lynn, memorialized one of the roses in his design for a stain glass workshop.  When my husband and I announced our plans to marry, the stain glass was framed and a bronze plaque attached:  The Bemis Rose.   It was, and is, a one of a kind wedding gift and treasure.