It is cold here-the kind of cold that hurts your face.  Makes me wonder why I live in a place that the air hurts my face…

But, there are always reasons to smile.  Here are 3 really good ones:

1.  Smiling will make you happy-did you know that when you smile it sends a message to your brain that you are happy?  Studies have verified the profound connection between mind and body.  So, feeling a little down?  Smile-you will feel a little lighter.

2.  Smiling helps you reduce stress-once that signal goes to your brain that you are happy-the next step is to tell your breathing and heart rate to tamp it down a bit.  Stress compromises our health in so many ways-do your blood sugar, digestion and blood pressure a favor and smile.

3.  Smiling just might lead to laughter-a smile can lead to fits of uncontrollable laughter.  The 3 sissies can attest to that.  Again, studies have shown that laughter is like a mini workout on our abs and it actually burns calories.  During this flu season, an extra vitamin C might help, but guess what raises the level of infection fighting antibodies-which then boost the immune system?  Laughter.

Take a look at a little gallery of smiles I have pinned on my Pinterest board-Smiling.  I hope it makes you smile and fills your day with happiness, less stress and a whole bunch of antibodies.  And don’t miss the video below — a must watch!




iSissies, who do you who has a smile that inspires you!