Buckle up, don’t smoke, stay active, eat well and have annual check ups. That sums it up for the folks promoting National Women’s Health Week. Those are the 5 health habits that women must embrace to maintain good health

You have probably heard the phrase “know your numbers?”  Here is an informative chart  that suggests what numbers you should know, what the ideal number is, and, last, why it is important to keep your numbers close to ideal. Be proactive and take control of your health. Contact Kathy and Karen for help. Whether you want to improve these numbers or build bone density or just feel better, visit them at The Twin Approach.


Blood Pressure Ideal number:


This level helps to lower your risk of disability and an early death
Cholesterol Ideal number for “bad cholesterol” or LDL:

under 100

Ideal number for “good cholesterol” or HDL:

under 50


These numbers mean your arteries are healthy-reducing your risk for heart disease.
C-reactive protein Ideal number: less than one. CPR is an indicator of inflammation somewhere in your body. And chronic inflammation is not good. A CPR reading of below one reduces your risk of arthritis, heart disease and stroke.
A1C Ideal number: 5.6 or lower This test measures how much sugar is attached to your hemoglobin.   The higher the number the greater chance for developing diabetes.
Waist circumference Ideal Number: half of your height in inches The fat around your middle can cause disease or premature aging. Measuring your waist is measuring your risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes