a lover of words

Hi, my name is Bonnie, and I am a logophile-I love words and the nuance of an accent here-an accent there.  We have been looking at language this week, and  discovered that there are a million words for us to use in conveying thoughts, feelings, facts, etc.  Just how many of those million words are commonly used?

The average high-school educated English speaker knows about 45,000 words (as high as 60,000 when including proper names and foreign words). David Crystal, a linguist and world-renown expert on the English language, provides these estimates of how many words people know:

a person starting school: 500-6,000;

a person without a formal education:35,000;

a high-school educated person:50,000;

a college-educated person 50-75,000.

The callmesister.com challenge is to find your own favorite word and use it this week, or take a look at these words and find one you love.  I, personally, feel effervescent.  I hope you do, too.


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