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What’s on the list that you can, want or need to do to improve your health?

Tell us – make a commitment – let’s DO IT!

One thing I think should be on the list is getting up from the computer every 20 minutes to walk around and stretch – seriously!  Like I need to do that right now!!!

Recently the CDC tweeted, “Make an appointment w/ your HCP today & get the preventive care you need.”  In reality, it makes me kind of crazy when we equate detection with prevention – but tests will give you a baseline.  The problem is that sometimes a symptom does not appear in the tests until it is a syndrome or a disease so make your move NOW to eat healthier, exercise, rest and try not to stress out.  Particularly try to relieve unrelenting stress that may be weighing you down.

iSissies, where is your favorite place to go walking?  Where can you go walking every day?

I wish we could all walk at the ocean every day with iSissy2…but then again we might be breaking into her solitude!