bonnieA recent “sissy” reunion at Kathy’s beach home in Florida brought Karen from Oklahoma, where the waving wheat really does smell sweet, and me from Minnesota where the winter of 2014 has made the history books in severity and duration. We are all a long way from our birthplace of Walnut Ridge Arkansas-each of us carving out a life we love in our own unique way.

I’m Bonnie Smith Bemis aka Bonnie-iSissy1, the older sister.  Kathy and Karen are twins. I am honored that they allow me to be such a big part of their relationship which began in the womb and has unfathomable depth.

My words to live are “Those than can, DO! Those that can DO MORE, VOLUNTEER.”  That pretty much tells the story of my current passions, activities and focus. Our son’s decision to donate a kidney to his dad set the stage for my renewed dedication to healthy eating and improved quality of life through service. I find volunteering for the National Kidney Foundation a way to celebrate our experience. I thought I did it before, but now I truly savor every moment we been given as a family and focus my attention and resources on those key relationships.

My sissies are equally engaged with passion in their lives. Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, though, my sissies and I have an unspoken, unwritten commitment to staying connected-spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and as often as possible, physically. We treasure our time together, but the in between times are precious, too. Our desire is to stay even more connected during those in between times, and technology has given us that opportunity. provides that connection, not just with each other, but with you, too. Have you ever experienced a life-changing, life-altering event that made you want to hug someone in your family – to savor the ordinary more?  DO share!