Quantity over quality allows the principle of “Brainstorming with Abandon” to thrive.  The idea is to generate lots of ideas, and build on each other’s ideas.  This can be done by one of two methods:  Inside-the-Box Brainstorming and Outside-the-Box Brainstorming.

The Smith girls aka Bonnie, Kathy and Karen love the Outside-the-Box Brainstorming method so much that we even gave it a name. We call it “brainstorming with abandon”.  It requires absolutely no rolling of the eyes when an idea is thrown out-regardless of how silly, unworkable or just plain wrong the idea may be.  It requires patience, tact and the ability to bite the lower lip to keep from laughing out loud.  Yet, for us it always works – whether discussing a situation with our aging mother, planning on how we might get together or exploring ideas for our blog Call Me Sister.

In fact, the creation of our blog and the name iSissies.com was the result of BWA.  We were at Kat’s beach home for a sister’s reunion. Once we started talking, the ideas just exploded. We all have loved blogging about what is going on in our lives and getting to know others; but, most of all, we loved the idea of creating a community of sisters.  We loved the combination of our term of endearment for each other “sissy” and adding the “i” to indicate our desire to stay connected through technology.  But, alas, here we are a year later and “iSissy” (when said quickly) sounds to much like the ugly and horrifying acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria-ISIS.

Back to brainstorming with abandon, and Call Me Sister was born!

Editor’s Note:  I can validate everything written by Bonnie here. The only correction I would make is that sometimes we really do laugh out loud at some of our ideas!