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Call Me Sister

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In the past weeks, so many things have happened that we are even more convinced how important it is to have someone to “talk” to ~ someone who will listen and cares.

Continue to not only Call Me Sister by joining us on FB, but also by sharing what’s happening in your life with us.

Making a connection through Call Me Sister could save your sanity by giving you something positive to think about, some encouragement and sometimes sound, free advice! Advice that we have in some cases paid others to teach us ~ or that we have gleaned in the field of personal experience!




Call Me Sister promotes the idea that being/having a sister has a positive effect on families.  And, it is not just our opinion that sisters are awesome.  Research backs us up with 4 proven benefits of having a sister.

  1.  Sisters make you kinder.  A 2010 study examined 395 families with more than one child, one of whom was between 10 and 14 years of age.  Researchers found that it was sisters who had the biggest impact on the adolescents when it came to how kind they were.  The presence of sisters suggests a greater likelihood of harmony.
  2. Sisters help eliminate negative feelings.  A Brigham Young University study found that sisters help siblings have less guilt, loneliness and feelings of fear.
  3. Sisters help families be more communicative.  The BYU study, also, revealed that families with at least one sister were more likely to engage in conversation, express emotions and just “chat.”
  4. Sisters help brothers talk to women.  Boys with sisters are less anxious when talking to women and tend to be more empathetic-especially as they get older.

In the coming weeks, Call Me Sister is going to explore some of the attributes of a sister using the literary prompt of ABC’s.  The ABC’s of Sisterhood hopes to explore the characteristics that make being or having a sister so great.  And just a reminder:  Sisters are not defined by geography or geneology-we are sisters of the heart.