The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center.  So does a person.  -- Norman Vincent Peale

The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center.
So does a person.
— Norman Vincent Peale

Have you ever felt caught up in a storm of activity, commitment, responsibilities, chores and service?  If you are female, of course, you have.  Our nature is to be the lighthouse in the storm to all those needing a safe harbor.  While the jury is still out on nature/nurture, it has been observed that the female brain can decipher needs in a most compassionate way.  Just like Batman, scanning the night sky for the bat signal, we as women scour our environment, searching for ways to serve, help and strengthen.

And sometimes, in doing so, we create a virtual whirlwind around us which unfortunately does more than muss up our hair.  The “to-do list” that is filled margin to margin, header to footer might be needed to accomplish all we must/desire to achieve in a given time, but will surely deplete our energy physically, emotionally and even spiritually.  The wise Dr. Peale had the answer: Find that calm center.  How do we do that, you say?  Here’s a list of things that might add a peaceful dimension to the very busy, very scheduled life:

1.  I love beautiful things and love to arrange rooms/spaces into pleasing little vignettes.  I’m trying to develop the habit of studying, praying and meditating in a little corner of my office that is surrounded by items that are personally meaningful to me.   The eye of the storm should have beautiful things in it : )

2.  Did you know that we can be influenced by people who are separated from us by 3 degrees?  For example, what is happening in my mother’s friend’s daughter’s life becomes part of the fabric of my tapestry.  Since there is no guarantee that my life or anyone else’s will go smoothly, the lesson here for me is to focus on key relationships – the ones that mean the most to my day-to-day life.  By doing so, I won’t be pulled away from the center by the shenanigans of those who are separated by 3, 4, 5 degrees.

3.  Every so often in the whirl of the storm, slip into the eye and ask yourself, “Is this action/behavior/thought moving me closer to the best person I desire to be?”  Or as Oprah says, “Be your best self.”  It is next to impossible to make that evaluation when the wind is howling around you. You need the calm in the center for clarity and focus.

4.  Eat simply.  My sissies are great examples to me of how nutrition can be simple and healthy.  I must confess our epic road trip to our birthplace was not my finest hour. Fried chicken gizzards just about did me in reminding me of how great I feel when I eat simply.

If you are caught up in the storm today, slip into the eye, breathe, and just for that moment embrace the peace that you can find there.

How do you avoid getting caught up in the storm?  And, when you do, what do you do to escape to the eye – the calm center?