Years ago, I found this darling little Christmas card with three angels.  It wasn’t a leap for me to think of my 2 sissies and me and the number of photos taken with the three of us.  The amusing thing about the card-if you look closely you will see that the angel on the right has a slightly tilted halo.  There is absolutely no question who it is NOT-Karen (isissy3) never has a tilted halo, but Kat (isissy2) and B (isissy1) might sometimes in the process of slaying dragons wind up with their halos askew.

But back to Christmas cards…in 1871, when the tradition of mailing friends and family your Christmas greetings was brand new, it was generally felt that the deluge of cards was a nuisance and got in the way of “regular mail.”  Retailers anticipate selling 1.5 billion cards this year-it seems I’m not the only one that smiles when I get a card in the mail.  The trend of personalizing and making your own hard copy greeting has kept the traditional Christmas greeting alive.  I love the ones with photos of growing families (new grandchildren at this point)  from friendships forged long ago.

Do you have a favorite Christmas card that you have received or given?  How about this year-are you getting your card list together for snail mail or is it technology all the way in 2014?