Through the years the “Christmas dishes” were an integral part to my family’s celebration.  Most everyone gathered at isissy3’s house-and she was the keeper of the china.  She became the master of downsizing and the dishes were then bequeathed to me.  I am honored to use them now for gatherings all through the season, because I almost always lived a distance away and stayed home with my little family-I have to hand it to young families who pack up kids, presents, etc and head to “the folks”  house every Christmas-I was a wimp.

It has been suggested that we cling to inanimate articles from our family because they somehow carry the energy of the previous owner-somehow carrying the essence of that person with it.  While I am not sure of that, I know that every time I unpack the Christmas dishes, I feel a warm embrace of family-I can see the tables set so carefully, hear the chatter come to a whisper as everyone stands to hold hands for a blessing.  These “Christmas dishes” represent many things I hold dear:  traditions, family and gathering.  Here are a few photos of how I have used the “Christmas dishes” to set my holiday table.

PS I’m tempted to buy those pretty storage pieces for china, but to honor my father, I still pack the dishes in the boxes he created-so carefully labeling where each piece should be stored-it makes me smille everytime.

Please share photos of your holiday china-would love to see how you build tradition through gathering around a beatifully set table.










This is a little hot chocolate station-I love the fancy little cups instead of mugs-it makes it feel so special.

This is a hot chocolate station-I love the fancy little cups instead of mugs-                                      it makes it feel so special.