I’m not sure when I became so enamored of placemats, but my collection has grown sufficiently over the years to require their own storage. When we remodeled a few years ago, I took the desk that was in the kitchen area (every home built in the late 80’s had one) and made it into a little hutch with plate racks and drawers for linens.  The top drawer has everyday placemats and the other space is used to store placemats for the “fancy” table.  Most of them, I found on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Home Goods, but I do have 6 from a trip to Paris-I couldn’t resist those blues and yellows, and it is fun to have a souvenir that you can use to set a pretty table.

I love the transformation of the desk into a functional cabinet.


Drawers are such a great way to organize!


Love the granite counter top (that matches my island).


Can you have too many placemats?


My Christmas placemats and china are in storage, but I wanted to share a great placemat idea for Christmas gatherings that might include little ones.  Most of them really don’t care if my placemats have a sprig of holly that matches the holly on the china-they just want eat.  Restaurants figured it out-give the little ones an activity placemat and everyone has a more pleasant dining experience.

Some Christmas Placemat Printables

christmas-placement-thumbnailHere are a couple of Christmas activity placemats you might want to print off to keep the little guests at your table happy-well, it probably will make their parents/grandparents happy, too-knowing you thought of ways to make the day special for those who would rather color on their placemat than check the label to see if it was from Paris or Wal-Mart.

christmas placemat 1

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Christmas placemat 2

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