Picture this: Dandelions at Continental Divide

Picture this: Dandelions at Continental Divide

Remember the humble dandelion – dreaded so because one dandelion can seed thousands more. In our yards, we think it’s a weed. In nature, it is a beautiful flower – especially if there are a million of them.

One time when we were visiting friends in Colorado, we were hiking to the Continental Divide. As we stepped over a ridge, the scene in front of us was a sea of yellow.  Then we walked through this sea of yellow – dandelions!  Amazing and beautiful – all part of God’s creation.  How many people actually saw this sight? Not very many. How long would the beauty last? Not long – maybe a few days.

Actually we know this repeats itself along the Divide, because this photo is not mine.  But mine looks exactly like this.  This one is compliments of a Mr. James Perdue at the Continental Divide in Idaho/Montana posted to his blog in 2009.  Thank you, James!

Picture this: 1 million Dandelions

Picture this: 1 million Dandelions The Grand Tetons

Another sea of yellow captured at The Grand Tetons by Mr. Bobby Harrison.  WOW!  He has some other amazing photos at Bobby Harrison blog.

iSissies, do you have any surprise experiences that took your breathe away?