Sisters dedicate a portion of every day to their physical well being through rest, activity and nutrition.

Physical health isn’t just about calories and steps-it is connected to mental and emotional health as well.  The choice of leading an inactive life will eventually rob us of choice and restrict us to a life with fewer and fewer options of how to dedicate time to activity.  Our brother drafted us one year to help get hay to the barn for the donkeys-not the kind of activity I usually turn to but it was sure fun.

At the Perry farm there it is always easy to dedicate some time to activity!

At the Perry farm it is always easy to dedicate some time to activity!

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Yep, just three farmhands hangin’ out!

Kat and Karen putting hay in barn

Kat and Karen putting hay in barn

Taking care of our body is a giant leap toward achieving balanced mental and emotional health. For example, when we work out, our lungs and heart are strengthened. The real payoff, however, is the burst of endorphins generated which energize us and lift our mood.

Everyday we make choices that influence our physical/mental/emotional well being. Here are some activities guaranteed to contribute dual benefit:

Rest. Our body needs time to recharge. Most people need 7-8 hours to do that effectively. Cognitive abilities suffer when we are sleep deprived. Most of my life I have gotten by on 4-5 hours sleep; but lately, I can stay snuggled under the covers for 8 hours pretty easily. How about you? How much sleep do you require?

Nutrition. A complicated subject that even the experts can’t agree what is best for prime health. Since my husband’s kidney transplant, we find that more fresh, less processed is the simple solution for us.

Activity. Want to take out stress, anxiety and depression?  I have a Fit Bit that serves as a reminder. I try to do 10,000 steps a day.  Kat’s Fit Bit helped her knock off weight and feel better generally. Her walk is along the ocean on a sandy beach.  Sigh.  One of the highlights to Karen’s day is a walk around the OU campus.  To get the max out of your activity and improve mental health, too, aim for at least 30 minutes a day.

Being mindful of the part our physical well being plays in our overall happiness helps me dedicate a portion of every day to rest, nutrition and activity.  How do you make sure you dedicate time to your physical health and well being?