Thank you with daisies
Mature prayer always breaks into gratitude

A default emotion or feeling is the one we automatically go to-without much thought.  Wouldn’t we all love to exist in a world full of folks with the default feeling of gratitude?

Call Me Sister would like to offer this little tool kit on how to cultivate a greater sense of gratitude.

Gratitude journals:  When we write down positive things going on around us or to us, we become more able to recognize the good in our life and focus less on the negative. Focus on people for whom you are grateful. Savor serendipity by recording it in your gratitude journal.

Thank you notes:  A handwritten thank you note, written in a sincere, personal manner can make both sender and receiver smile. John Kralik felt that everything was going wrong in his life so he decided to make a New Year’s resolution. He decided to write 365 thank you notes one for each day of the year. He actively searched for people to thank. By the end of the year this gratitude tool had transformed his life.

Prayer:  It is so easy to take for granted the small and simple things in our lives.  Prayers of gratitude enrich our spirits and keep us mindful of those who might be less fortunate. I have food to eat, a warm home, a car that takes me anywhere I want to go. I am thankful for each of those blessings-fully embracing gratitude ignites in us the desire to pray for, and when possible, to help those who are lacking.

“If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.”
~ W. Clement Stone ~

Practiced faithfully, these simple habits will make gratitude our default emotion and help us elevate our desire to reach out to others.

Sister India is the venue for Call Me Sister to practice gratitude through giving.  

Helping young Indian girls escape a life of subservience with no education and no voice is the mission of Sister India.

Please join us as we promote their efforts through matching donations on Giving Tuesday.