attitude toward eventsThere are government guidelines on what qualifies as a “life event.”  Mostly, it is just stuff of scrapbooks and memories:  marriage, baby, death, new job, etc.  FB lets us plug-in a change under “life events” when something new happens to us.  We all know that an event is “something that happens.”

I would like to suggest that the really big things in our life are not events at all but transitions. It can be seamless or challenging, depending on how we view change.

I love the beautiful transition of the leaf color.  That is how I want the upcoming transitions or “life events” in my life to be – part of the whole – not so overwhelming that it defines me and/or my life, but just a little different shade of beautiful.

iSissies, have you had major transitions lately?  Or one in the past that taught you something?  Our mother stood at our father’s grave after almost 60 years of marriage and said, “I have no regrets.”

Over the next week we will be sharing photos of the “life events” taking place in our lives right now.  Please share yours with us also.