Freedom from Want Four Freedoms Series by Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post – March 6, 1943


We see in this picture a feast. Norman Rockwell not only shows the freedom to have basic food and shelter, but recognizes the very real need for loving family and friends gathering together to share a happy time.  Isn’t it amazing that not just food and eating, but a meal – a gathering of family and friends is a common denominator of every culture for a tie that binds us together.

Here is more about this photo:

Mrs. Thaddeus Wheaton, the Rockwell family cook, was actually the model for the grandmother serving the turkey. Rockwell was known for using friends and family in his paintings.

I painted the turkey in Freedom From Want on Thanksgiving Day. Mrs. Wheaton, our cook, cooked it, I painted it and we ate it.    ~ Norman Rockwell

Examining this painting, we see a large family gathered around their table for a feast. We presume the occasion is Thanksgiving because of the huge turkey being served. Both the good china and the good silver are on the table.

Children and grandchildren, conversing happily with each other, populate the holiday table on both sides. Grandpa is at the head of the table and has his carving tools ready to slice and serve the mouth-watering bird.

Grandma is placing the turkey in its place. She is still wearing her apron, lest some succulent juices spill and ruin her dress. The turkey appears to be cooked to perfection.

The table extends past the bottom of the canvas, giving the perception that the viewer is actually at the table. The gentleman in the lower right corner of the painting seems to be inviting us to join in the feast.

Source: The Best of Norman Rockwell art

iSissies, let’s look at our lives and our Freedom from Want on every level. Let’s remember that sometimes we may think we “want” something that will not satisfy.  There is freedom from want when we are able to separate the transient and temporary. The meal may not last, but the feeling of love and care remain.

Since most of our basic needs are met easily, let us want more of what will endure – faith, hope and love.

“Now abide faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
I Corinthians 13:13

Have a blessed day, iSissies!