DSC05062 Friday:  arch

My sweet baboo and I usually go “up north” for our anniversary, which falls the first weekend of October.  The leaves are brilliant, the sun is at such an angle that everything looks softer, cozier.  The tiny bit of water in this photo is Lake Superior, and it is often blustery-waves crashing like the oceon at the rocky water’s edge.  Walks for us when we are there are not “hikes” or meant to do much more than allow us the chance to breath deeply, giving no consideration to heart rate or oxygen intake-just deep long breaths-taking in the beauty of the North Shore-reveling in the chance to meander a bit and clear the mind of “matters of consequence.”  The bonus of this meandering was finding this  little stone bridge and wishing well-with a little stream running quickly along to the lake.  I love the arch of the bridge-the symmetry of the stones, and how carefully someone put together the design.  We spent the afternoon there-sitting/chatting on the bridge, pretending to pop up out of the wishing well, like the elves that we imagined were the residents when darkness fell.  We were grateful that someone before us had created this lovely little arched bridge-using a builder’s mind, a few tools  and an artist’s heart desiring to make something beautiful.