Friday:  bird bath

A bird does not sing because it has an answer.
It sings because it has a song.
Chinese Proverb

Along with several bird feeders, we have a couple of spots in our yard for birds to grab a sip of water or splash some water on their wings.  This bird bath is in the center of my main perennial garden and is elevated on an old plant stand.  It is important to have the bird bath elevated lest some sneaky creature (usually a cat) can use this time of distraction to pounce.  I scrub it out a few times in the summer-it is amazing how quickly it can become a mess with debris.  

There are electric bird baths that will keep fresh water available  all winter long, because, of course, where I live folks are already talking about the first freeze-maybe weeks away.  I’m thinking I might ask for one for my birthday-I would love to reward the brave souls who stay behind every winter with fresh water.  Between the feeders and the bird bath we are often entertained by a variety of birds visiting the yard.  I don’t usually sit in the yard with my camera, (trying to stay in the moment and all that) so I don’t have photos of the finches, chickadees and cardinals that join us in the late afternoon.  I especially love the cardinals-the red male comes first-looking around-checking things out-and then, if it is safe, his little brown lady joins him.

Here is a bonus little photo/idea-I think most of us have heard about the problem/crisis with our bee population-I won’t even attempt to appear to know all that is behind it-I just know it is a devastating loss to a healthy earth.   I have been so pleased this summer with the number of bees buzzing about my gardens-makes me feel like I am giving Mother Nature a hand in providing food/habitat for these invaluable pollinators.  I read that bees could use fresh water, too, so I put together this little “bee bath.”  They need the little stones to light on so they can sip in comfort and not get their wings wet : ).

Friday:  bird bath

I am most blessed to have the space I do in my yard to provide a little habitat for birds and bees, and I love the visitors it attracts-I always hope they find the accommodations satisfactory, so they will return often.  Well, maybe not the little red squirrels that go into my attic, but that is a post for another time…..

Do you have a bird bath?  A butterfly garden?  What creatures do you love to see buzzing or flying or scampering around your yard?  It’s amazing what you can see – even in big cities.