My intention was to make this post about the ranking of women on the 1-10 scale made popular by the movie of that name, “10.”  But, alas, I become so discouraged after reviewing the movie plot, checking out a couple of sites on the web and looking at photos of women being ridiculed for their looks, I found myself without words.  It seems the 1-10 scale is now most often used to determine if a woman’s looks determine her worthy as a sexual partner-I found most of the sites discussing the “perfect 10” demeaning and detrimental to a women’s self-esteem.

So, I decided to discuss instead more relevant or at least more benign uses of the scale of 1-10

1.  The Mr. and I rank any new meal on a scale of 1-10-6 and above are repeats-below are discarded to not be tried again.  We usually are very close in our evaluation.

2.  David Letterman’s  hilarious Top 10 lists

3.  Rating Pain Level

1-10 pain scale

4.  Mood evaluator-how are you doing on a scale of 1-10?  What would it take to get you to a 8-9-10?  A therapist once told me not to overshoot and expect all situations to develop into 10’s.  He taught me to be happy/content with a whole bunch of 8-9 situations-pointing out that a lot of folks are static at 5-6, with no hope of improvement without drastic change.

5.  10 scales of Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory  This is used to indicate different psychological conditions.  (We are known for the land of 10,000 lakes, but we probably have 10,000 rehab/psychological resources here, too.) Google the MMPI 10 scales if you want to know just how crazy you or someone you love might be.

6.  Top 10 languages spoken in the world:

7.  The original top 10-The Ten Commandments


ten commandments

8.  Top Ten Best Ways to Shorten Your Life:

9.  Top 10 Common Time Management Mistakes

10.  Ranking cutest pups:



On a scale of 1-10, Romeo is the always a 10 for me.

On a scale of 1-10, Romeo is always a 10!