Friday:  flag pole

Confession: When flag pole was chosen as a “Picture This” inspiration, there really was no intention of what that might look like.  Basically, the image of the flag waving against the backdrop of blue sky prompted the idea of showing the different structures used to fly the flag.  Turns out-it’s a pole.  Nothing fancy-no architectural interest or unique design here, folks.  It’s a pole with a flag on it, ergo, flag pole.  Keep moving, nothing to see here.

So, I smiled when I came home and spotted my little 4th of July flag in my hosta garden.  It really isn’t all that majestic but it will have to do for today-let’s just chalk this one up to “Picture This” Fail.


iSissy3 Editor’s Note:  iSissy1 does a marvelous job writing “Picture This” every day.  For that reason, we think we can give her a pass on a “Picture Fail” say – once a year!  Even with the “fail,” she made me smile and laugh out loud! I personally imagined her “aha” moment when she said to herself, “H-m-m-m…it’s just a pole!”   She is correct…when it comes to “flag poles” we are truly savoring the ordinary – a pole!  But it IS holding more than a piece of cloth.   Happy 4th of July, everyone!!  Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating our freedom as one nation under God with liberty and justice for all! 


How will you be celebrating the birth of our nation?