Lemon-Chicken-Slow-CookerThis recipe was a mainstay during my weight loss journey (iSissy2 here). My routine was a protein shake and/or bar for breakfast and lunch. And then a “healthy dinner”. Brother. Could that be a challenge! Especially when I was cooking for the two of us. The beauty of this recipe was that I would fix it the first of the week in a crockpot and it provided the ingredients for additional meals for the rest of the week. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a healthy meal, an easy meal or a tasty meal… this fulfills all of those!

Click here for recipe for Lemon Chicken on the Run

But wait… there’s more!  Not only do we have a recipe for the Lemon Chicken on the Run, we have prepared a One Week Meal Planner that shows you more recipes to use the ingredients from this starting recipe! It allows you to just put your week’s eating regimen on auto-pilot.

But wait… there’s more! Not only do you get the recipe for Lemon Chicken on the Run AND a One Week Meal Planner, we have also prepared a Shopping List!  It’s ready for you to download and head to the store.

Can it get any easier?  Bon appetit!