Wouldn’t you think MANGO.COM would be about mangos?   It has nothing to do with mangos, but is a really cool European fashion brand.  Their logo is the stencil-style word MANGO.  Established in 1984 in Barcelona, they are very well known in Europe.  They employ 8,000 people worldwide operating over 2,000 stores in 105 countries with a small presence in the US.  If you are an iSissy fashionista and are in the Orlando or SanFrancisco Airport, you can find a MANGO store there or visit to see a neat website and want to check out what MANGO offers.

Just for fun, I entered to see if it was about apples.  I literally laughed out loud when obviously the website came up for the ubiquitous brand for all things APPLE!  How could an iSissy forget that???  And just so you know isn’t about oranges either.

But surely I digress….back to MANGOS.  Enjoy these recipes that include this healthy, mild, delicious fruit.  Frozen mangos are readily available and are quite a bit easier to use than fresh.  With the same nutritional value as fresh, we love using frozen mangos for these recipes.


chicken-avocado-mango-saladMango Chicken Pasta Salad with Tarragon Lime Dressing
With avocado AND mango, it’s even more fabulous!

Green Mango Smoothie

Caribbean Kale Smoothie

Tropical Morning Smoothie

For an easy mango smoothie that is designed as a meal replacement and for weight loss,
try Shaklee’s 180 Energizing Smoothie Mix and select MANGO flavor.

Do you have any recipes that feature mangos?  Share them and we would love to try them!