Raffia-string or fiber from the Raffia palm

Raffia-fiber from the Raffia Palm-often used in crafts as ribbon

Sissies are all about living more simply-giving us the time and energy to be creative and fully engaged.  One of my most successful efforts to simplify involves Kraft paper and raffia.  I would hit the stores the day after Christmas and buy up all the 50 percent off wrapping paper that I could carry to the car.  What I wound up with after a while was a lot of wrapping paper that I didn’t care for and didn’t use.  I am no longer sure what inspired me to chuck the mishmash of wrapping paper and go to Kraft paper and raffia ribbon, but it was one of my better ideas : )

I now wrap just about every gift I give with Kraft paper and raffia.  For the upcoming holiday season, pine cones are a perfect little add on.  For birthdays I add other little doodas-like charms, buttons, etc.  For weddings I use Kraft bags and tie water tubes filled with fresh flowers on the end of the raffia.  But I think my favorite is wrapping Christmas presents:


These pine cones are those yummy cinnamon ones that craft stores sell

These are those yummy cinnamon scented pine cones that craft stores sell

this is raffia ribbon and is easier to work with than natural raffia

This is raffia ribbon and is easier to work with than natural raffia

ramed piece of art work wrap in Kraft paper and raffia to enjoy during the holidays.

This is a framed piece of art work – I wrap all my wall hangings/framed pictures in Kraft paper and raffia in the entry, living room and dining room to enjoy during and after the holidays

We have one Colorado Blue Spruce in our yard, and I gather up pine cones from there every year; but I confess, I do buy bags of them from craft stores, because they are so perfectly shaped and they look darling hot glued on the end of the raffia.  I love the finished product – maybe that is why I started wrapping my framed pieces so I could enjoy the natural, charming and very simple feel of Kraft paper, raffia and pine cones in my home instead of giving it all away : )

iSissies, do you have a favorite way to use raffia – or any gift wrapping tips?