Friday:  shower head

Functionality, design, finishes, water flow, $$, water usage, installation-all should be evaluated when considering a shower head update.  When faced with that weighty decision recently, we opted for that model of modern engineering-the rainfall shower head.

Kind of ironic that with this shoulder to shoulder, cascading water shower experience we are emulating the bathing habits of our ancient ancestors.  They simply sought out a natural waterfall-it was efficient, luxurious and required no transport of water.

Eventually, upper class Egyptians brought this luxury to the desert by using slaves to pour jugs of water over them!  Leave it to the Greeks and Romans to class things up-their system of aqueducts introduced the common man to sensual, although communal, shower rooms.  Roman ruins have revealed bath houses with elaborate showers.  The splendor of the bath houses broke down and fell out of favor after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Somewhere between the Roman Empire and my Rainfall Shower Head, I bathed in a tub with a few kettles of warm water tossed in the cold water right from the pump-with Lava soap.  I was grateful that we bathed only once a week.  A little sad that my turn in the tub followed my two older brothers-the water left behind was a little grey, kind of cold and wasn’t even close to the spa-like experience a lot of folks associate with their daily hygiene routine today.

Have you remodeled lately and become an expert on shower heads?  Who knew there were so many options????  Or would you just as soon fill a tub and settle in with a long, lovely soak in a bubble bath?