friday windows post

Windows: Beyond their traditional function in a home, the word windows is  used poetically as portals to our soul, allegorically as opportunity, and as a trademark for technology.   Google old windows, however, and it is clear-old windows are a key element to decor!  I originally thought for today’s photo inspiration, I would go on a walking tour of old St Paul to take pictures of the beautiful architectural design of some of the windows in the old-money houses.  But as I sat in my little office, I decided to share my version of old windows decorating.

The window on the left was salvaged from the parsonage of the church I attended as a young girl. My father, who could never throw anything away, captured this charming piece of the past-I have had it adorning many places since.  The latest version is this-a place to put my newly discovered love for all things keys-another word used poetically, allegorically, etc.  The glass got broken during a horrendous wind storm. I had it hanging on a fence with a little flower box underneath.

The green window frame came from an old shed on a rental property we have “up north.”  The shed was charming and lovely-and became a mouse condo.  It had to go.  The work crew that day consisted of a couple of teenage boys with sledge hammers that thought “demo” work might be what they want to do the rest of the lives.  They didn’t understand my  caution to please not destroy that green window pane.  I loved it-it spoke to me : )  I wasn’t sure exactly where I would use the green window pane from an 100-year-old shed, but it came home with me.  It has found a permanent home here in my office next to the old parsonage window and acts as a frame for a rotating collection of  sentimental things-a window to my soul, indeed.

P.S.  We recently replaced our 25-year-old windows, and there was nothing charming or nostalgic about the process.  Now it is all about technology, efficiency and $.  But, here in Minnesota, those are all very good things. : ), a virtual sisterhood, became a reality when research confirmed what 3 sisters already knew:  the connections of a sister will make you a happier person, give you a better sense of well being.  Again, research “discovered” what my sisters and I knew-communication is at the core.  Talk to us.  Share your thoughts-your photos or just leave a quick “hi”  comment below to let us know you visited us today.    It’s as easy as this to add your photo: 

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