Remembering lying in the grass as a child, looking up to find shapes in the clouds?  I still like to do that, and was delighted that in the aftermath of a stupendous storm of lightening, rain and dark clouds I saw this:


A heart in the sky-with the only ray of light in the sky.


Since that time, I have been delighted to spot the heart shape in nature-and, while I am not getting any cosmic message from said heart-it does make me smile-a quiet little knowing smile-there IS love in the world…

That same summer, I was preparing a yellow pepper for a salad and saw this:


A heart shaped seed-made me smile. Made me think about showing more love-the pepper didn’t tell me to do that-I just knew.

Here are few photos I have seen that validated my idea to keep on the look out for hearts in nature-because apparently, they show up everywhere….. Just to remind us-there IS love in the world.



YOUR TURN  Take a look around you this week-see if you can see a little message of love in heart shaped items in nature.