Bonnie has been talking this week about the holidays, family, conversation and games, but there is something that happens to many of us that we just kind of want to ignore… we get “lonely”.

image courtesy of Richard Foster

Loneliness is defined as: “Sadness because no one has no friends or company”. I don’t totally agree with that, because I can have tons of friends and lots of company and still feel a little lonely. In fact, it can sometimes be during the business of the holidays that we can experience that feeling of loneliness because while we have filled our calendar with all sorts of festivities, we haven’t been able to fill our days with meaningful connections.
If you are sitting and wondering why no one is calling you, just ask yourself why you aren’t calling someone else. Most of the time we fall victim to feeling lonesome, it’s because we have stopped reaching out to others. In fact, if we put ourselves aside for a moment and look to find someone who needs our help or our friendship, it is pretty much guaranteed your heart will be filled with peace and holiday joy.

Let this be a challenge for you this week. Feeling lonely? Call someone! Email someone! Facebook someone! Reach out to an iSissy… I promise you there is one out there just waiting to hear from you.