Recently I noticed a girl walking – like a long walk – carrying a “to-go” cup.  I commented to my husband that one of the problems in America today that contributes to our constantly fighting the battle of the bulge is that we are constantly eating or drinking something.  We stop for a Coke.  We drive through for a Cafe Latte.  All of which leads us down a path of unhealthy eating habits.

iSissies, we think eating at home is a really big first step in better health, but what do you cook?  Whether you love to cook or not, we know you LOVE these recipes and you will LOVE eating them and sharing them!   Three approaches – choose one!


Bonnie iSissy1 is our “Crock Pot Queen”

Bonnie iSissy1 – Crock Pot Freezer meals
We recently enjoyed an iSissies Reunion in Minneapolis at iSissy1’s house.  We ate out at some nice restaurants, but we also had some AWESOME meals at home!!  iSissy1 has perfected the art of crock pot cooking.  We enjoyed them immensely.  Click here to see her recipes and see if your mouth doesn’t water!!!  “I plan and buy all the ingredients, then I take one day to go crazy in the kitchen with all the food going into ziplock freezer bags and into the freezer for meals that all I have to do is “thaw and cook”.  Here are the steps to creating those delicious crock pot freezer meals.

Kathy One Week Healthy Meal Plan

Kathy iSissy2’s One Week of Healthy Meals

Kathy iSissy2 – One Week Healthy Meal Planner
A couple of years ago, iSissy2 won a healthy competition for weight loss.  It was a “healthy competition” – not just about losing weight, but about how to live a healthy lifestyle.  During that time, she created the most delicious weekly meal plan.  “A perfect one week planner! Follow the Healthy Meal Planner and you will be set for one week.  It will save you a ton of time because you cook Lemon Chicken on the Run in the crock pot (or slow cook in your oven) for the first meal… then you use the Lemon Chicken in other very creative recipes for a complete week of tasty, healthy meals. Specifically designed for one person cooking for themselves, you can double the recipe if you are cooking for two.”
These recipes are really fun to make, too.

Chicken Piccata image

Karen iissy3’s Chicken Piccata

Karen iSissy3 – My Favorite Recipes
When iSissy3 lived in Florida, she discovered a really neat grocery store that featured weekly recipes.  She and iSissy2 even took turns making new recipes and serving them to their husbands and everyone would review the meal whether it was a 3, 4 or 5 star!  “I love cooking with boneless chicken breasts, because it is so quick and easy! When I cook these recipes I feel like a gourmet chef because they are so beautiful and delicious. My favorites are:

I also love cooking in a cast iron skillet with recipes like Chicken with Olives and Pine Nuts…so good!”

For National Women’s Health Week, think about eating more meals at home.  Create a plan!  Share some healthy recipes you love!