Sunrise at Indialantic by the Sea

This sunrise was earlier this week. Was I up at sunrise this morning? Yes. Was I at the beach? No. Why? I’m still moving boxes, sorting stuff, trying to get my head and my life to a point that if (when) I am faced with, “You need to leave your home and possibly come back to nothing” situation… that I am ready both in body, mind and spirit.

That all sounds dramatic. It is actually much more of a basic “reality check” and taking the opportunity to sort and declutter.

In the process, I have found a multitude of reminders that will not be going to the trash, but put in a scrapbook, scanned, or somehow preserved. Yes, our memories are what we carry with us forever, but it is staggering at how holding a note that someone wrote to you 24 years ago can bring back a sweet memory that had somehow gotten lost in the maze of life.

So, I am not hoarding. I am saving “memory prompts”. Something to hold, smell, and see. I’ve accessed some neuropathways that haven’t been used in many, many years.

The one thing that the entire thing has reminded me of: “I have had an extraordinary life. I have had a blessed life.” I’m hoping that today as you drink that cup of coffee that you feel the same way.