Learning to read and write is beyond a dream for many in the world.
Through Sister India, iSissies can give a woman in India
this amazing gift – reading and writing. 

We recognize Sister India as a non-profit that has the vision and accountability we want to share.

$30 sponsors 1 student to go through a Literacy Class for 1 year


sister-india-logo-web-smallWhat $30 Provides

Students meet 10 hours a week to learn:

Reading & Writing
Math & Business Skills
Health & the Value of the Girl Child

Why we chose these literacy classes:
They train indigenous volunteer teachers.
They teach in over 20 regional languages.
They get results: 30 years of experience, over 500,000 students helped & 80% of students graduate at a fifth-grade level of reading, writing and math after 1 year.

Sathya Sister India photoiSissy2 served in the Peace Corp in Africa for two years working with NGO’s and international non-profits.  Her experience taught her that there is so much misguided aid…it was heartbreaking.   We unequivocally believe in and support the work of Sister India…for the reasons listed above.

International Literacy Day
September 8, 2014

Join us by giving to Sister India.  Every iSissy matters. We can make a difference.

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