From this picture we look like three peas in a pod; but in reality, we couldn’t be more different.  Our parents raised us with a work ethic (which we still have), with love for our family and others, with a degree of grit and a sense that honor and integrity are important; but it is our differences that make us a formidable team.  In other words, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Here’s one thing that has been a critical part of who we are, we have ALWAYS respected each other.  Mainly because we’ve earned it. Did you know that Bonnie was a single mom of two young boys and became wildly successful with Estee Lauder? Or that Karen moved to Oklahoma City right after high school to live in an apartment while she worked at Hertz (and walked to work for the night shift). Kathy left Oklahoma at the ripe age of 29, going to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands where she didn’t know anyone, had no job or even a place to stay. All of those “life events” were actually hard times.

Just have Bonnie tell about the time when Benny (our older brother) and Kathy had driven to visit her in Colorado and when Benny heard we were having macaroni and cheese for dinner (and that was going to pretty much be the meal), Benny said he was going to the store to buy some steaks and the boys yelled, “Meat!!” It was hysterical.

Or have Karen tell you just how much popcorn she had for dinner while living in that little apartment. It’s funny though, she actually still loves popcorn.

Or have Kathy tell you about working in the Virgin Islands and would literally trade as many shifts as possible so she could be the “Manager on Duty” at night because that allowed you to have dinner at the hotel.

The great thing about all of those is that the experience made us stronger rather than beat down and bitter (and a whole lot more fun).

As our iSissies, you may be able to relate to one of us more than the other two. But it’s not a popularity contest!  It’s a celebration of being sisters and knowing that we can enjoy this journey in life together.

Are you cautious or daring, creative or analytical, funny or serious?  We guarantee your personality is important, because it is YOU that makes iSissies special!