Over the moon. On cloud 9. On top of the world. Jump for joy. All of these expressions to declare happiness and excitement seem to suggest that to be happy and show it one must be leaping in the air or over the moon or sitting on top of the world.

I’ve thought lately, though, of the other type of joy. The one that is internal, the one that brings peace. It is almost always quiet.

joy-helen keller

courtesy of EmilysQuotes.com

Here are few things I’ve considered on how to accomplish joy that comes from within:

  1. Give 100% to the most important things, instead of 20% to everything.
  2. Consider your environment-it is hard to find peace amidst chaos.
  3. People are more important than projects.
  4. Trade out negative thoughts for positive ones.
  5. Know that God sees. He cares. He loves you.