karen-beachMy name is Karen.I am iSissy3. My favorite thing about having sisters is laughter. I have learned to laugh at myself and to look at our crazy life differently because of my sisters.

I remember when I was sick with cancer that both of my sisters took turns coming to help. When iSissy1 Bonnie arrived, I picked her up at the airport and at the first sight of her, I realized something was wrong. We live in the Midwest where regional flights are on small planes. iSissy1 was so overcome by nausea on the plane that the flight attendant literally packed her in ice.  Dear, sweet iSissy1 who had come to help me and looked like she needed to be admitted to a hospital.  Guess what – it was even funny at the time.  She saw me and said, “I’m so sick – can you help me?”   Now that’s funny! 

Several years ago my husband and I moved to Florida so that my husband and iSissy2’s husband could teach chemistry and math, respectively, in an inner city high school of Miami.  Many of the banks in Florida have walk-up ATM’s outside the bank so iSissy2 Kathy had taken me to the bank to use my new ATM card for the first time.  When it was my turn to process my transaction, I couldn’t get my pin number to work.  I was getting very frustrated. iSissy2 Kathy standing beside me said in a very loud voice,, “DON’T WORRY, SISSY!  THESE NICE PEOPLE CAN HELP YOU!!!”  After shooting her a dagger stare, we cracked up laughing.  From that moment on, we would call each other “Sissy”.    

When we all got iPhones, Bonnie started signing her e-mails to us iSissy1 so we followed suit and became iSissy2 and iSissy3.  As we collaborate to form callmesister.com, we invite you to share your life.  Each of us has the same amazing 17,280 minutes a day.  Take a few of those minutes to observe and appreciate the beautiful life God has given you. 

We invite you will be an iSissy, too!