Kathy-beachI’m Kathy Smith Spratt.  Kathy “with-a-K”. I am iSissy2. My name is Kathy. It is not Katherine, it’s not Kathleen. Just Kathy, and there is no middle name. If I wanted to compare myself with my siblings…. somehow I feel like I have a big part of each one of them in me, but somehow I am totally different that each one of them. I am the one who connected with the grandfather I never knew but who just couldn’t stay in one place very long, kind of described as a “rolling stone” that gathers no moss.

My favorite thing about my sisters is that they ground me. They provide me with the essential aspect of home and family when I have spent a majority of my life moving and traveling and exploring the world*. My head gets full sometimes. My life has the capability of getting messy at times. I love being creative. Putting paper in files and cleaning out closets are not something I think we really need to spend time doing! So, it’s great to have sisters who come visit to “get things organized”. Now, one of the important aspects of these pilgrimages is what I have to do prior to their arrival. There’s a WHOLE lot of organizing that takes place in order for me to not have them shake their heads in utter amazement. So, when they arrive, we are able to spend a majority of our time “playing house”, which means we move furniture and Bonnie creates gorgeous vignettes using all of the remarkable items that my husband and I have inherited and collected through the years.

I love beautiful things. That doesn’t necessarily mean something expensive. Some of my favorite possessions might be a shell picked up from the shores of Costa Rica or a yard of cloth purchased in Africa at a local village. It might be fun to shop at Pottery Barn, but it can be a whole lot more fun to discover things in the world around us. It has been that approach to living that has proven to be the biggest difference in us. I love it that I have two sisters who are willing to come to my house and not only love what I love, but celebrate it.

No matter what it is that we are doing together, laughter always seems to play a big part of it. We are all women of faith, with each of us devoting much of our daily efforts to leaving the world a better place than we found it. Sharing that common mission statement allows us to dream of literally helping others be a part of this… having a sister to help clean out their heads and their closets!

We invite you to our iSissy and share your life with us!

* St Thomas, BVI / Peace Corps Swaziland, Africa / Hawaii / travels to Europe / many trips to Costa Rica and Mexico

Have you lived or traveled around the world?  We would love to hear about your life whether it has been lived in a hometown or in far away places.