Friday:  knobs/drawer pull

If cabinets are furniture you happen to hang on your walls,
hardware is jewelry for your well-dressed kitchen.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association found that nearly half the remodeling budget for the average kitchen goes toward cabinets.  Of course, that cost can be a big variable, depending on your choice of custom, semi-custom or stock cabinets.  Most of us probably realize that nothing affects the look, cost and longevity of our kitchens as much as the cabinetry.  AND you will quickly discover if you are in the market, the hardware accompanying the cabinets has a huge impact on the look and feel (and $$) of your kitchen or bath cabinetry.

The photos for today’s post are examples of my cabinets-one is the revised desk that most homes in the late 80’s had in the kitchen. During a remodel I converted this “desk” into a hutch. Tablecloths, napkins and placemats are housed in the drawers, and I love the plate and cup rack above.  The other photo are the upper cabinets in my mud room-also created in a recent remodel-perfect home for infrequently used kitchen items and the baskets above are summer entertaining items.  Doesn’t everyone have a set of metal plates with ants on them?

My photo is not tongue in cheek-doing a post about hardware and then using a picture of cabinets with no “jewelry” to adorn them??  Here is the back story:

I think I had an out-of-body experience the first time years ago when I was in a design room picking paint colors, carpet, tile, etc. for a home being built.  By the time we got to the hardware, I swooned, asked for some water and mumbled something like this: Do I absolutely have to pick out hardware?  The designer thought I was joking.  At first, I was kind of joking-implying that I was just too overwhelmed to make one more decision, however small – and cabinet hardware is no small matter.  I kind of revived myself, perked up and asked, “What do you think of making little grooves in the drawers and doors for easy opening?  Maybe not using hardware?  It would be waaay cleaner than trying to get the grease and grime from around those little brass do-das.  Doesn’t the hardware kind of date the cabinets more than the style and wood?”

The designer was not pleased with my revelation about what I would like, but begrudgingly priced out what it would cost to do grooves instead of hardware.  KA-CHING-it was cheaper, too.  I loved it then and have repeated it anytime I have the choice between grooves and hardware.  BUT, I must confess that I could spend hours on Etsy looking at the darling hand-made knobs and drawer pulls, and that long aisle at Home Depot draws me in every time.  And, I ooh and aah when I see the creativity, beauty and craftmanship in some hardware in other’s homes.

Would love to see what hardware stole your heart when you had the chance to dress up your cabinets.  Share a photo….