lost-girl-signLose weight? At some point in history, some bozo decided the best way to describe getting rid of extra pounds as “losing weight”. That’s just crazy.

Think about it. You lose your car keys. You lose your glasses. You lose your wallet.  Literally, every time you talk about losing something, it is an item, thing or person THAT YOU WANT TO COME BACK.

And what are we referring to when we say to someone, “I’m so sorry for your loss.”  We say it when someone has just suffered the death of a loved one. Does that mean that the next 10 pounds I lose, someone needs to send me a sympathy card?????

So, I’m thinking it is time for us to address our removal of fat cells in a different way. We could say: We are eliminating fat cells. Removing pounds. Deleting weight. Ousting obesity.

That approach not only lets those fat cells (and everyone around us) know what we really think about this weight thing, but it also notifies our brain that “I’m not looking for that weight to come back.”

It’s National Women’s Health Week and we thought we would totally avoid the “weight talk”; but it can’t be avoided mainly because many health issues that we all face (women, in particular) are either caused by or complicated by obesity. Here’s something I’ve shared before, but let me remind you:


So, there you have it. Instead of “lose weight”, what do you think it should say?

iSissies have each had their fair share of health challenges – and have addressed them head-on!  Here’s a bit about iSissy2 and her journey. We are very proud of her!