Grandpa-Currie-900Isn’t this a powerful photo? Click on the picture so you can see it more closely. It speaks volumes. This is not a picture of a young man going to war with his very own hand-painted shaving mug (read about Robert Anderson Spratt).  This is a man who has seen a lifetime of working hard.

Last week we were talking about middle names and that my husband’s name is Robert CURRIE Spratt.  I thought it would be appropriate to honor Grandpa Currie.

I wish I could sit and talk with this man. But it appears he would be a man of few words… and sure looks like he has no time for fools.  I like him.

YOUR TURN: Do you have anyone in your ancestry that you really wish you could sit and talk with?  Better still, is there someone who is still living that you can take time to talk with them now?