Karen Smith King framed

My greatest challenge:  Being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 43 and deciding, “I am waaay too young to be this sick.”

My greatest accomplishment:  Homeschooling our two kids for three years makes me feel completely justified in taking credit for their every success! Doesn’t it???

My greatest move:  Being excited when my dear husband became a high school math teacher in the inner city of Miami, Florida and we sold, gave away and discarded most of our worldly possessions to move there.  One of the best decisions we have ever made!

My dream trip:  To visit China and all of our Chinese friends that we have met while they were studying in America.  THAT would be so awesome!

My Call Me Sister “job”:  Editor and social media


Hi, I’m Karen!

I’m the cautious one. That’s why having sisters ~ even virtual sisters ~ is so exciting!  We can live vicariously through our sisters who are crazier, more spontaneous or more adventuresome than we are!

I live in the Heartland where you almost never meet a stranger. Where else can you live and a “stranger” standing next to you in the produce department says, “I bought that. It was really good. You should get some!”  But, we truly became known as the Heartland when the first terrorist attack on America soil happened in OKC. I was so proud of our city, our state and our nation for rising to that occasion to show and receive love and care. That in part made me understand how random acts of kindness – even a knowing smile that says “I care” – can lift someone’s spirit.

My sisters and I have created a bond of friendship that has allowed us to rise above our sometimes challenging and difficult circumstances – we hope to share that friendship with you and that you will be encouraged and feel the love and support of other sisters!

Whether you are cautious or adventuresome, I would love for you to call me your “sister”!   Please tell us about yourself through comments you want to share.  We can’t wait to meet you!

P.S.  Kathy and I are twins.

With God, there are infinite possibilities.
Karen Smith King