River flowingTime is like a river.
You cannot touch the same water twice,
because the flow that has passed will never pass again.
Enjoy every moment in your life.

Hi, this is Karen iSissy3 and I consider myself the Menopause Queen. At the age of 43 BAM!!! I was in chemically-induced menopause – a side effect of chemotherapy treatment.  I started looking for a natural approach because the doctors could not prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  HUM – a real problem – HRT increases your risk of breast cancer.

My personal goal was to rebuild my health – not only from cancer, but to be a picture of health during menopause. I’m an example of how your body can and will respond to a natural approach to menopause with the right plan and the right nutrition and supplements. So if you are looking for menopause relief, you are in the right place.

The good news?  I was not only able to survive, but to thrive. My most measurable success was a 6% increase in bone density over an 18-month period when a decrease in bone density every year for the first five years you are in menopause is expected. Symptoms such as hot flashes, poor sleep, dryness, and whatever you want to name can be addressed naturally and effectively.

Menopause is a natural process, so why not treat it naturally?


It’s National Women’s Health Week – Learn more about menopause without medicine.  This can be your finest hour!!!