You think you are in charge, right?  You think you chose what to put in your grocery cart…what you order at a restaurant…the car you bought.

When you realize how much psychology permeates all we purchase, it makes you want to wrap your head in aluminum foil when you enter a car dealership-that way they can’t “get into your head.”  But you knew that…

silver car_300px 9.29.14Some thinking about cars and why we buy what we buy is kind of out there.  For instance, a typical BMW male owner is compared to a bird’s fancy nest intended to lure females into his little bit of heaven.  Women who zip around in a speedy little Mustang convertible might as well put a sign up about her openness and assertiveness.  It is suggested that cars might be the best public display we make in creating a first impression.  Color of cars says a lot about us, too, according to folks who decide packaging colors like cereal-psychologists.
SILVER   You are unique – just like everybody else.  About 31% of new cars sold are silver.  There is even a rental car company that only rents silver cars.

BLACK  You are empowered and take charge.

WHITE  You may be fussy, fastidious and probably well-organized.

RED  About 10% of us chose this high energy color and it is a myth that red cars get more speeding tickets.  HOWEVER, most of my speeding tickets have been in one of my two red cars – ones in the 70’s and my most recent purchase in 2013!

BLUE  You are as busy as a little bee, but tamped down a little from the gal driving a red car.
BROWN  Birkenstocks with socks and a skirt.  That’s all I’m saying about this….:)

Robin-Orbach-Starke-VW-bug-painted-car-blog-9.29.14-300x300GREEN  All around honest.  Skirts come just below the knees.  Friends can trust you.
While I have taken a few liberties with my explanations, most of it is rooted in fact : )

Our GRAND PRIZE for cars goes to our dear friend Robin Orbach Starke – Artist/Sculptor and Voice Over Artist hailing from Oklahoma City.  Robin is definitely savoring the ordinary.  And dare we state the obvious – Robin is so kind, creative and very fun to know!

Other art by Robin O Starke and a photo in her studio

Robin O Starke commissioned blue pink red yellow

Robin O Starke commissioned yellow blue July 2014

Robin O Starke commissioned dark blue TSO March 2014

Robin O Starke chandelier October 2014

This is a CHANDELIER that Robin created and donated as a fundraiser for Keystone Adventure School and Farm. Each child and teacher made a drawing which Robin turned into a piece of stained glass to hang from the chandelier.

Robin O Starke in her studio

Robin O Starke – Artist, Sculptor in her studio

Robin O Starke metal October 2013

Robin FB Quote Oct 29, 2013: “Lifting a monster today! Yikes! Hoping nobody gets squooshed! &:0).” NOTE: No one did!

If you want to color outside the lines, we think that’s okay.