Or perhaps I should distill that down to “Recipes”, because oftentimes it is that scribbled note on an envelope or tattered index card that represents the directions to create our favorite tantalizing dishes of delight.

On a trip to visit Mom in Perry, OK, I took some pictures of some of her recipes. It is obvious these are “used”… and I love the fact that they aren’t hidden behind a safe piece of plastic covering. I know for a fact that Mom stood at the cabinet and touched these recipes with flour on her hands and oil on her fingertips. It makes them special.

You know how families are faced with talking about difficult things? Well, our family has already had the talk about certain things that Mom has that will need to be “distributed” after she is gone. So, Mom’s will already has in it that there are certain things that her children will receive. As you can attest from some of the pictures of our “kin folks”, our parents were people of modest means, so we aren’t talking about how are we going to divide up the money…. there are so many things that mean so much to all of us… becoming the next caretaker for some of the treasures is a responsibility and honor.  I am getting Mom’s recipes. I can’t help but sit and weep even thinking about it. That’s why when Mom and I sat down on July 9, 2012 I took some pictures and made notes on a pad (Heaven forbid I couldn’t find it this morning, but I know I have it somewhere!!!) while Mom told me who had given her what recipes.

I’ve got more of these that I am going to get posted somewhere, along with some unbelievable video that I took of Mom making her famous lemon meringue pie!  And if I can get one of my iSissy’s to find their copy of the famous Garrison Family Cookbook, we’ll post that later in the week.  Here’s Mom’s recipe for a fluffy Lemon Cheesecake.




Cookbooks, recipes and eating has always been a very important part of our tradition and family. What role has it played in yours?