IMG_3577Food storage was a major issue during the drought in Swaziland, Africa. The World Food Program determined the severity of the drought based on the amount of food “stored” at a homestead. Vermin played an enormous role in the problems of bringing in thousands of pounds of grain and beans to be “stored”. It has always influenced me since then on just how fortunate we are to be sitting here talking about “what cute thing do you store your food in?” It has made me love old things and really appreciate new things. And we’re here to talk about fun things, aren’t we?

So… here’s my storage drawer. Peanut Butter jars. They’re great. Two sizes. Easy to see what’s inside when it’s on the refrigerator shelf and if it is something that needs to be microwaved, sometimes I just pop the glass jar into the microwave (yes, you gotta’ remove the lid).

IMG_3578But sometimes the most important food storage is for things on your counter or where you use it daily.  Okay… the new thing is the small jars in the hanging wire basket (Ikea). Each jar has herbal teas in them.

The small bucket (farm supply store) holds tea stix (Shaklee energizing tea).  The long white bowl. It was left behind in the condo we bought down in Hollywood. Considered a throw-away, it has served me well…. just sitting there begging me to pick up a piece of fruit.

The glass carafe… one of my favorite repurposing projects. Hubby likes to have room temperature water to drink. The carafe itself is one of the cheap wines that even has a throwaway lid on it.  Keeping my eye out on something that would work as a lid… I do shipping for our online store, so was packing up an order one day and had the end of a cardboard tube in my hand. You know how they have the plastic ends that fit inside the cardboard tube? Voila. Turned it around and it fits perfectly on top the carafe. Didn’t want the carafe sweating on the butcher block, so use a saucer that came with a margarita glass set that you are supposed to use to “salt” your margarita glasses. (It sounds like we’re drinkers, doesn’t it? Never had tequila in my life… and we haven’t bought wine in years!)

IMG_3575Last, but not least, I just bought the cutest things. They speak for themselves. They are just cheap plastic things I found at Aldi’s. But they are actually quite handy. I know exactly what is in each one of them!

Hey… before I go, check out the jar of Fig Jam. You can find it an any local Lebanese store. It is over the top good. (can you tell I like it!)