mudroomKathy was originally going to write about her mudroom, but the schedule got changed and I volunteered to show the ugly side of a mudroom. I could have taken part of my morning to have cleaned it up, but decided that my Call Me Sisters would understand, empathize and get a chuckle out of someone showing the vulnerable underbelly.

This is my “mudroom”, which is actually just the entry room from the outside door to get to the inside kitchen door.  Our original house had a detached garage, and the owner enclosed that breezeway to create this little “mudroom”.  This is where all the fishing stuff gets thrown, beach chairs get thrown, and anything else that will be carried down to the beach. That means the floor is constantly covered in sand. Then I remind myself that there are a whole lot of people out there that would love to have that problem…. that pesky beach sand!!!

Anyway, you know how something can be a source of irritation or inspiration? Just writing this today has been a source of true inspiration of what I want to get my mudroom organized and “pretty”. I can’t wait. So, you can then use this picture as the “before”.

YOUR TURN: Go ahead, show us your ugly mess.  Maybe it will be a “before” picture!  We’ll give you some ideas!  iSissies love to share free advice!!