“My grandfather who could neither read nor write,
wore a pen and pencil set in the pocket of his Sunday suit.”  ~ McBride

As a new acquaintance and I chatted, she asked me about my charm bracelet.  I told her it was like a journal of my life, so as she gently handled the charms, she would ask about each one and its history.  She stopped at one and said, “Now, this has to have a good story behind it.”

monday charm bracelet

I told her that I had that little pump lest I forget from whence I came.  No indoor plumbing.  No money except what was earned picking cotton.   I shared with her how we were engulfed in, surrounded by bone-crushing poverty – how my grandfather couldn’t read or write and signed his name with an X  – how my dad was a share cropper who pulled himself out of the depths of that poverty and set our family on a different path.  Through love of education and a desire to learn, in just a few generations that “X ” my grandfather used to sign his name was now used in complicated mathematical equations by my youngest son who achieved a doctorate in mathematics.  My new friend was touched by the story and said she was reminded of a poem that would resonate with me – my family and our devotion to learning.  This arrived in the mail a few days later:

sept 8 pen pencil



Today is International Literacy Day – September 8, 2014.  iSissies savor the fact that learn a skill that is basic to our every day life – we can read and write. We had the opportunity to go to school.

callmesister.com has a dream to help women in India to learn to read and write.  It’s beyond a dream for them, but we can make a difference.

Click below to learn more.  iSissies, we can make a difference and be a force for change – giving our sisters in India an opportunity to read and write.  What a wonderful gift!

$30 sponsors 1 student to go through a Literacy Class for 1 year


sister-india-logo-web-smallWhat $30 Provides

Students meet 10 hours a week to learn:

Reading & Writing
Math & Business Skills
Health & the Value of the Girl Child

Why we chose these literacy classes:
They train indigenous volunteer teachers.
They teach in over 20 regional languages.
They get results: 30 years of experience, over 500,000 students helped & 80% of students graduate at a fifth-grade level of reading, writing and math after 1 year.

International Literacy Day
September 8, 2014

Yes, we believe iSissies can be a source of encouragement and a force to be reckoned with.  Every iSissy matters.  We can make a difference.