monday shoes

I was having lunch with a friend recently when a very attractive young professional woman entered the restaurant.  I admired her well cut suit and especially her 4 inch heels.  My friend couldn’t help but notice that I had glanced down to make a very unfavorable connection between my sensible footwear and the young woman’s sassy heels.  My friend is a wise woman and taught me a little life lesson.  She said:  “That was us, not that many years ago.  We looked like that-we dressed like that-it’s her turn. ”  Then we both burst out laughing as we held up our gnarly, road weary feet in our sensible shoes.  We knew  that someday, more quickly than the young woman can imagine, that it would be her turn to sit in comfortable shoes and smile at the memory of foolish footwear.   She, too, would  make decisions from the shoe up on what to wear-not because the color or style had to be just right to make the outfit.  The shoe had to be just right to make a difference between a good day and a very, very bad day.  Maybe shoes, like tobacco, should come with a warning that, sure, you will look cute for now-but, you could be/probably, are compromising your feet of the future.

SHOES – fashion or function? What do you think?  Show us your favorite shoes…your most comfortable shoes…your most expensive shoes.