Ash, Birch, Cherry….

Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams….

Main, 2nd 3rd…..

Hill, ridge, parkway…

Boardwalk, Oriental, Park New York, Baltic…..

Alice, Rainbow, Hansel, Thumper….

Marvin Gaye, Martha Reeves, Temptations, Aretha Ave…

Tin Man Alley, Wizard Way, Yellow Brick Road, Scarecrow Lane…..

These are all examples of street names in neighborhoods and cities across the US.

So, who decided that a neighborhood would have a Wizard of Oz, Monopoly or famous singing groups?

Real estate developers get that privilege! Of course, it has to pass the critical review of the city-where police, fire and post office officials get to weigh in on the name selection. Too cute gets in the way of real emergencies-when the name might be too unique or intelligible to process quickly and easily it is vetoed.

Often, though, long standing standards and guidelines for specific themes override a developer naming a streets, say, after his children.

Maybe that is why trees and numbers have a claim to fame of most often used in naming streets.

A little shout out to the isissies hometown of Enid OK-I learned the presidents in order just from getting around this well laid out little town.


Do you remember your childhood address? Was it a themed street? Is your current residence a street name with a little pizazz?   I’m not sure how I would feel about living on Thumper Street even if the neighborhood sounds charming and delightful with all those childhood story names.