Monday:  under my sink

Pinterest has opened up a whole new world of creativity, organization and homemaking skills.  It is Martha on steroids.  I must confess before I took this shot of “under my sink” I did remove a skanky looking toothbrush and a sponge that looked akin to a science project-but other than that this is pretty much how it normally looks.


I have found that the fewer things I have, the less time I need to spend keeping it organized.  I am not looking for perfection under my sink-I am satisfied with “good enough.”  Another confession, I could probably figure out that the little blue bin holds dishwasher detergent, rinse agent and hand soap without signage, but the little tags were just too cute to pass up-because as you know, organization is very much about that trip to the Dollar Store for bins, tags, baskets and all things organizational.

how do you keep things “good enough” under your sink?