Over the course of time, we added a favorite phrase to our conversations: “It’s no longer noble to…”

  • It’s no longer noble to go for a week without rest.
  • It’s no longer noble to wear spiky or closed toe heels. When it comes to fashion and uncomfortable shoes, we say, “It’s her turn…” or “She’s ruining her feet…”
  • It’s no longer noble to take care of everyone else and not take care of myself.

Complete the sentence how it fits into your life.  “It’s no longer noble to…”   We understand and between the three of us have probably thought the same thing! But we have discovered that we need rest, activity and nutrition. We were created to need it! Without it, we cannot function at 100% or sometimes not even at 50%. We have discovered that “being noble” can quickly become “being crazy”.

We feel so strongly about taking care of ourselves and finding the right balance in life that we wrote an e-book to share with you. Fill in your email address to request 100 Ways to Amazing and we will send it to you straightaway.  Join us in living more amazing!

100 Ways to Amazing E-book


Take care of yourself!   It’s a noble thing to do.