We usually think of the New Year for making resolutions for better health, better nutrition and exercise.  How about now?  How about looking at “NO”vember as a time to make a commitment to eliminate self-defeating behavior?

Here are the “NO’s”  to examine carefully this month:

self-hate:  Are you dwelling on being wrong or making a mistake, never raising the bar for fear of failing, constantly saying “I’m sorry,” and always looking at others with envy?  All of these behaviors indicate self-hate.

being lazy:  Inactive is a synonym for lazy.   I think the biggest challenge is not being intellectually lazy and/or mentally sluggish.  Great time to reflect on how much screen time my brain gets.

excuses:  If it is important to me, I’ll find a way.  If not, I’ll find an excuse.

no pain, no gain:  No grit, no pearl.

no unhealthy food (in large quantities):  LOVED the parenthetical thought.  With the holiday season upon us, there will be many opportunities for a treat here and there. This month let’s try to say “no” a few times.

no soda, drink water instead:  FINALLY something easy for me to do.  I start the day with a big pitcher of water and have a glass nearby throughout the day.  Being hydrated makes me feel better.  I kicked the Diet Coke habit a couple of years ago to contribute to a noble cause-Sister India.

no regrets:  At my father’s grave, our mother said to my sisters and me, “I have no regrets.”  We all walked away with that desire in our hearts-to live our lives in such a way, that we could reflect on our most intimate relationships and say, “no regrets.”

no quitting:  Animal Farm by George Orwell was rejected because “there is no market for animal stories in the US.”  In our family it is called GRIT!

So, what do you think?  As we move forward through this month, let’s remember all the no’s we have associated with NO-vember.  Then come time for New Year’s resolutions, we can say “We got this!”